MAT+SAR K9 responds to missions in the Matanuska Valley of Alaska, as well as missions to outlying areas including remote villages.  Dog teams are prepared for travel in large and small aircraft, boat, ATV and snow machine and through self propulsion. To date our missions have encompassed several call outs in the valley, and multi day missions to the Kenai, Dillingham, Bethel, Cantwell, Grayling, Seward, Glennallen, Tyonek, Koyukuk, Kotlik, Unalakleet, Nome, Paxton and beyond. 


    Sept 8th: Missing male in Shageluk
    AST request for (2) dog teams to search for 18 yr old male missing in Shageluk Village since 9/7. Dog Teams 3 and 9 responded, and were transported via King Air, C207, Dash 8 and a B737 Combi. Teams worked the village and the Onnoko River but were unable to locate the subject. The village was very appreciative of our efforts.

    Sept 5th: AST request for (2) dog teams to search for 66 yr old male missing in Ivanof Bay Village since 8/29. Transportation arranged via Alaska Air to Kodiak, AST vessel Kodiak to Ivanoff. Teams were stood down when subject was found 1/2 mi from village, cold, wet and hungry, but otherwise OK!

    Missing Hiker Bradford Broach, Alyeska Resort
       August 30th: Dog Teams 3 and 6 with Dan & Bethany as support.
       August 13th: Dog Teams 3, 6, 9 and 12 with Al & Jason as support.
       August 8th: Dog Team 6 with Jason as support
       August 6th: Dog Teams 3, 6 and 9 with Dan,Lou & Stephen as support

    August 3rd: Limited AST mission: DT3, DT9

    July 30th: Search for missing male off Richardson Hwy: Dog Team 6

    July 30th: Search for missing female at Pioneer Peak, Palmer. Dog Teams 3, 6, 9 with Brittany, Charity, Garrett and Al as support. Subject responded to Dog 3’s callout and escorted back to base.

    July 29-31: Search for Missing Male off Dalton Hwy *STAND DOWN*

    July 27th: Search for missing male in Paxson Area. Dog Team 6, 9 and 12. TC & Al support. Found by Dog Team 12.

    July 7th: Search for missing female in the Eureka area. Dog Teams 6 & 9 on standby when subject found.

    July 6th: Search for evidence in the Wasilla area. Dog Team 3, with Stacie, Jim, Stephen and Dan as support.

    July 1-4: Search for Joseph Balderas in Nome. Dog Teams 6 and 9.

    June 22nd: Rescue of injured hiker with broken angle, Lionhead Mt. Dog Teams 6 & 9 on standby. Stood down.

    June 13th: Search for missing children off KGB. Dog Teams 3, 6, 9 with Bethany & Brittany as support. Children found at friends.

    June 8th: Search for missing skier at Hatcher Pass

    June 6th: Search for missing kayaker on Eklutna Lake. Requested by Gene Ralston to help locate area for sonar to focus. Subject found prior to Gene’s arrival.

    June 5th: Search for Missing National Guardsman Nephi Soper. AST helo insertion along Nephi’s route. Dog team 12 with Terry as support.

    June 4th: APD callout for missing female in Anchorage. Dog Teams 3, 6 and 9, with Charity, Jason and Stephen as support.

    June 2nd: Search for National Guardsman Nephi Soper Dog Teams 3 and 9 inserted below “The Notch” off Nephi’s intended route.

    May 22: Search for missing skier at Hatcher Pass. Dog Teams 3, 6, 9 with Lisa, Al and Lou as support.


    March 1st: Search for missing male off Eagle River Road




    11/25/2015 – Missing Skier in Hatcher Pass Avalanche
    All AK SAR teams put on standby due to high avalanche danger conditions. Subject still missing.

    09/27/2015 – Girdwood Search for missing hiker
    Teams put on standby for Tuesday, Sept. 29th but search called off.

    09/18/2015 - Missing Wasilla Man
    Dog Teams Patty/Abbey, Donna/Kip and Stacey Re/Lucas responded. Negative results.

    09/17/2015 – Petersville
    Searching for missing hunter. Dog Team Patty/Abbey with Jim Maddry and Lou as support responded. Teams transported via helo and susv to a challenging search site. Subject found elsewhere.

    09/11/2015 – Dalton Highway Search Dog Team Donna Cramer/K9 Kip with Vikki Gross as support. Teams transported via helo to a challenging search site. Negative results.

    09/06/2015 – Big Lake
    Searching for missing 6 year old boy in the Big Lake Area. Child found before search teams were deployed.

    05/12/2015 – Houston Missing Person
    Searching for missing person. Dog Teams Patty/Abbey, Donna/Kip and Stacey/Lucas responded with Jim, Amanda, TC, Stephen and Dan S. as support. Negative results.

    04/11/2015 – Eklutna
    Continued 04/04/2015 search for missing person. MAT+SAR K9 fielded Dog Teams Patty/Abbey, Donna/Kip, Stacey/Lucas and Stacie/Jake with Dan G., Jim, Ariel, Kathy, Amanda, Joyce, Aaron and Bethany as support. Fairbanks PAWS teams Marty Williams/K9 Maya, and Tyler Cunningham/K9 Farah joined the search as well. Negative results.

    04/04/2015 – Eklutna
    APD Search call for missing person. MAT+SAR K9 fielded Dog Teams Patty/Abbey, Donna/Kip, Stacey/Lucas and Stacie/Jake with Jim, Kathy, Amanda and Joyce. MAT+SAR also responded with multiple ground persons and ATVs. ASARD, PAWS, APDST fielded several members as well. Negative results.

    04/01/2015 – Palmer
    Search for suspect suicide male. MAT+SAR K9 fielded Dog Teams Patty/Abbey, Donna/Kip, Stacey/Lucas and Stacie/Myka with support from Jim, Lisa, Kathy and Amanda. Negative results. Subject was verified in school the next day.


    Willow August

    06/08-09,2014 – Kenai
    Kenai Police Dept. search for missing family
    Photo by Dan Balmer/Peninsula Clarion Kenai Police Sgts. Scott McBride (left) and Jay Sjogren review a map with Lisa Jaegar from the Mat-Su Search and Rescue Dogs on Borgen Av. Monday in North Kenai. Two rescue dog teams along with agents with the FBI are searching the wooded area north of Wildwood Correctional Facility for a Kenai family of four missing since May 27.

    5/23-25/2014 – Village of Kotlik
    Continuation of 5/20 search for missing boy. Dog Team Patty/Abbey and a Dog team from Soldotna responded to Kotlik to resume search for missing boy.



    05/20-22/2014 – Village of Kotlik
    On 5/20/14 at approximately 0104 hours, Alaska State Troopers in Emmonak were notified by the Kotlik Police Department that they were looking for a 4-year-old boy. The Kotlik Police Department and community members had been out looking for the child since he was reported missing by his parents. The child had been out playing with a friend and failed to return home on the evening of 5/19/2014. A ground search was conducted covering the entire Village of Kotlik and a search of the river and the nearby slough was also done. Troopers from Emmonak, Bethel, Anchorage and St. Mary’s responded to Kotlik on 5/20/2014 to assist with search efforts. MAT+SAR Dog Teams Donna/Kip, Vicky/Bettles, and one ASARD dog team, were mobilized from Anchorage on 5/20, returning to Anchorage on 5/22. Negative results.

    03/21/2014 – Palmer At approximately 3:30 pm, a family member contacted Palmer AST to report another family member missing from a residence near the Palmer state fair grounds. The subject was last seen at approximately 11:45 pm on the 21st and reported to be wearing a black down coat and possibly black knit hat. A search of the area surrounding her residence by Troopers was conducted with no findings. MAT+SAR was called out to assist with the search and responded with Dog Teams Patty/Abbey, Donna/Kip, Stacey/Lucas in addition to approximately 10 ground searchers. On 3/22/14 at approximately 2200 hours, Alaska State Troopers and SAR volunteers located the subject in a gravel pit area to the South of her residence. She was cold and dehydrated and was transported by local EMS to the MatSu Regional Hospital for treatment.

    02/22-26/2014 – Koyukuk

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